He’s Perfect, So Why Don’t I Like Him?

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” – T. Robbins

Women usually spend a lot of time trying to find a perfect guy to get married and have children with. But is there such a thing as the perfect man? In my humble opinion, the answer’s no, a perfect man/woman exists in movies, dramas and fairy tales only. They aren’t real…

Sometimes we meet a guy that fits 90% into our ‘perfect man’ categorie and we don’t even realize it! At other times, we meet a person that we consider ‘almost perfect’  for us but we simply don’t feel that way about them. How is that possible?

Sarah meets Andrew at a wedding. They talk for hours. Andrew’s a very smart guy. He’s nice, polite, and he is the vice-director of a top web company. Sarah finds him very caring and good-looking. In fact, all of her friends thinks he’s a catch. Andrew’s really interested in Sarah. They go out every other day for the rest of the week. He takes her to some very fancy restaurants around town, pays for everything and treats her like a princess. But unfortunately, Sarah’s not feeling it. She likes his company and she knows he’s a great guy but she doesn’t seem to have an inkling of a crush on him. She hates that fact and asks herself why.

There’s really no explanation to it. And since we don’t have control over our feelings, it’s not our fault. In every relationship the couple either do or don’t have chemistry with one another. It doesn’t matter if the person’s good-looking, respectful, successful or whatever, if the butterflies aren’t fluttering, there’s nothing you can do about it. Not every guy/girl you meet will make your heart pound every time you see or talk to him/her. And sadly, it is unlikely to find a person with whom you have great chemistry with and who has all the qualities you want in a partner. If you’ve found that person plus the birds are singing, the sky’s shining and the butterflies are fluttering, you lucky bastard! Go after him/her!

Bottom line is… there’s nothing you can do to start having feelings for someone who you think might be perfect for you. We do not control how we feel. And that sucks, I know. You can always try and go out with the person, see if things change after a couple of days. But, if after awhile everything’s the same, don’t force it, it just won’t happen. Don’t fool yourself, if you continue to pretend to yourself you like that person, someday in the future, you’ll realize the truth. And maybe it’ll be too late and more painful.


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